Green Infrastructures

Curbside extension

In 2009, I began a research project with the Partnership for Onondaga Creek, an environmental justice grassroots organization based in Syracuse, New York. The Partnership for Onondaga Creek has been engaged in a local struggle over the construction and expansion of regional treatment facilities or sewage plants also referred to as grey infrastructure. 

With the new proposal for expansion in a predominantly African American community, residents continued to resist the idea, while the POC proposed the use of green infrastructure as an alternative. In order to examine the feasibility of green infrastructure, I launched an environmental awareness survey in order to determine the level of support, knowledge and barriers to implementation among residents of Syracuse. 


Rain Barrel

This project has been used to inform policy in the city of Syracuse, influencing to the "Save the Rain Campaign". It has also been used as a baseline for a larger ULTRA project that has been launched by State University of NY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry.


Rain Garden