Teaching Philosophy

The undergraduate years of higher education are extremely important as it insights and instills a passion in students as they explore different fields, while deciding their career choices. As such I do not take my role as an educator lightly, as I believe that I have a responsibility to help ignite my students' passion in the Environmental Studies field. In order to assist in the development of my students I adopt the following teaching philosophy summarized in the following points:

1.  Setting high standards for my students will help them to be better scholars. My undergraduate professors treated me as having higher/greater potential than I believed in myself initially. This pushed me to increase the time I spent with my work and it paid off in the end with me being able to improve my grades but also understand concepts. This is the approach that I take with my students to help them to set high standards and expectations for themselves and thus improve their performance in my courses.

2.  Provide support for my students: I make myself readily available to my students. I remember that as a student both undergraduate and graduate that the professors who sort my interest, were the ones who had an open door policy with me and worked with me constantly throughout the semester to help me achieve my highest potential. As such I have attempted to adopt this same approach with my students now that I am in the educator's role.

 3.  Create a safe classroom environment: I believe that learning is also a cooperative process. As such I believe that class discussions and group work is important to ensure that the students learn from each other and that I get an understanding of how the students are understanding the concepts that we are discussing in class. I understand that class participation does not come natural to many students and as such I attempt to create different settings to allow for my students to participate – both in class and via online forums. This I have found have worked well and many of the more quiet students have indicated their appreciation for having online forums to voice their thoughts as they are normally not vocal during the official class times.