The Youth Environmental and Development Coalition Inc. (YEDCo™) is an idea which was birthed during my experience at TED2009, Long Beach.

It was during the session by Willie Smits, that I was inspired to think about how I can impact my community, starting small and letting the project take on a life of its own. With this new motivation, I began to think about what was needed in my home town of Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago.

Then it came – being an environmentalist, it is not always easy to empower people to embrace our responsibility as stewards and therefore take a pro-active role to protect both our physical and social resources.

I decided then that I would develop an organization and environmental education program that targets youths in the initial phase of my project. This project is still in development phases, however a pilot has been launched at Holy Faith Convent Penal, who under the leadership of Ms. Duncan, has been engaged in a number of environmental projects both in their school and beyond.